The Chaitanya Doctrines

By the Grace of Mahaprabhu thoughtful minds all over the world now realise that Absolute Truth must transcend all limitations of time and space. This auspicious result has been greatly helped by the widely ranging speculations of scientific men who, during the four centuries since the advent of the Supreme Lord have been busy carrying on their investigation in diverse fields of human knowledge in different parts of the world. This is also the attitude of the educated classes in this country. The anomaly of diversity of religions is admitted on all hands. From the point of view of the scientist there can be but one religion. Scientific investigation has brought out the fact that the existing religions contain elements that are adventitious having had their origin in the special circumstances of the age or locality. The Doctrines of Mahaprabhu are absolutely free from all such defects. They are eternal and universal. This is a large statement made with due deliberation; and the attempt will be made in the pages of this Journal to fully substantiate the claim. This great subject can be suitably unfolded only by gradual steps; and, if it is to be properly understood, will require as a preliminary the patient and close attention of the readers for a certain length of time.

In all His teachings Mahaprabhu in pursuance of the Shastric method expounds everything in the order of (i) subject of reference (ii) explanation of relationship with the subject, and (iii) object of such relationship.

According to Him whatever the Veda says is true. It is therefore, the duty of Sadhus (holy persons) to strictly obey the Vedas in their conduct. It is the function of the Vedas to make known Sreekrishna directly or indirectly, positively or negatively. Therefore as regards the subject of reference, everything in the Veda relates to Sree Krishna. As regards explanation of the relationship with the subject the Veda regards devotion to Krishna alone as significant. The goal of such relationship is the love of Krishna.

Sreemad Gaurachandra, Who is the Godhead Himself, teaches jivas (souls) the following ten tattvas.

The word of the (iv) Vedic tradition is the chief evidence; - which teaches the following nine conclusions.- Krishna Himself or Hari is the Absolute Truth in the Universe. He is All-powerful. He is the boundless Ocean of the nectar of rasa (harmony). Jivas (souls) are in their essence decimal parts of Hari. Due to their ‘tatastha’ (intermediate between ‘chit’ and ‘achit’) character ‘jivas’ in the state of bondage are in the power of ‘Maya’ (illusion). Due to their ‘tatastha’ nature jivas in their free state are beyond the power of ‘Maya’. The relationship with Sree Krishna of the whole Universe comprising ‘Jiva’ and ‘Jada’ (matter) is that of inconceivable (transcendent) simultaneous difference and agreement. (v) The only ‘sadhan’ (function, duty) of ‘jivas’ (souls) is unalloyed devotion. (vi) The only ‘sadhya’ (object) of ‘jivas’ (souls) is the unalloyed love of Krishna.

The doctrines of Mahaprabhu are thus stated in an old sloka: Sreekrishna who is the God-head Himself is the only Object of worship, His eternal Abode in Sreedham Brindaban. The best mode of worship is that of ‘braja gopis’. The Sreemad Bhagabat is the unadulterated recorded evidence. Love of Krishna is the goal. These are the doctrines of Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We have the highest regard for His doctrines and none for any other.